Making your ideas a reality with the best outsourced teams




We accompany your project from its functional? & technical definition to its final delivery? into production, always controlling time and costs.



Thanks to the diversity and abilities of our suppliers, we can set up multidisciplinary development teams in record time.



We are certified professionals in the Atlassian Toolkit (Jira, Confluence, …) and provide consulting and implementation services at all levels.



Years of managing outsourced projects have shaped our? expertise in optimizing and maximizing the benefits of outsourcing in any environment.






Cost Savings

Although it may initially seem more expensive to outsource software development, it is common that associated costs such as computers, office space, management costs, leave, vacations, etc. are not taken into account – costs that eventually prove outsourcing to be profitable.

Time Savings

Internal technological resources are always limited – we simply never have enough. Dedicating external resources to certain projects frees up not only development time, but also the time spent on the search, recruitment, training and management of personnel.

Technological Availability

In the technology world, we often need specific resources or knowledge of technologies that we do not have internally, and hiring those resources for specific projects is not feasible. Outsourcing allows you to access this resource efficiently and at a controlled cost to give the necessary impetus to your projects.


Outsourcing your development resources allows you to have total flexibility in choosing the professionals who are part of your team, replacing them at no cost and when it is considered appropriate if they do not adapt to the needs of the company or the project.

Expert and Up-to-Date Professionals

Thanks to outsourcing, you can access professionals who are experts and up-to-date with the latest technology and trends, because we work with companies that are committed to continuing education as a corporate value.




More Than 10 Years' Experience

At Elinkcat we have been managing development teams outsourced to different clients for more than 10 years. We have previously been clients of some who are now our providers, so we are able to understand and defend the needs of the projects that we manage.

Experts in Management and Communication

Our experience shows that communication is the key to a project’s success. Managing is, above all, communicating well and making the right decisions at the right moment, and this is precisely our specialty.

Local Presence With Client and Provider

Two important factors are involved in ensuring that communication flows well: knowing the culture of the stakeholders and communicating in-person. Elinkcat is one of the few companies to say that it has a local presence in both the client and provider areas, which allows us to act as a highly effective bridge for communication.

Oriented to Results and Quality

We understand that our clients above all seek results with the highest quality. We asked this when we were clients, so we now defend the same for ours, and it is our main goal.

Dedicated Account Management

All our projects include the dedication of an Account Manager who oversees the proper execution and development of the project, with effective oversight and communication and an eye on the highest quality all the way to project completion.




Feeling of a Lack of Control

Many businesses start with a worry or a feeling that they are out of control when they outsource part of their development. The novelty of the process and the distance usually cause this feeling. The experience of the outsourced company is key to deactivating this false threat, because accurate, quality results and continuous communication make that concern disappear.

Hidden Costs

If the tasks are not well defined, it can lead to hidden costs, time extensions due to unforeseen tasks that will increase the cost of the project. Management and accurate definition are key to the success of the project.


Managing a project for another company often means managing sensitive data and privileged information. Elinkcat is very careful with customer information and data, and the first thing we will suggest is that you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at the outset.





In the 2020s, business circumstances have changed a lot. Telecommuting, a practice formerly reserved only for a small privileged group, is now a common and essential methodology. Both Elinkcat and its providers have been working this way for ever, and with our experience we can help improve and complement your processes in this area.


Many companies are overcoming their fears and reluctance to outsource. Those who do are now more competitive for having taken full advantage of it. If you do not, your competitors will.

Vision of the Future

In our hypercompetitive, globalized marketplace, only the most connected firms taking advantage of the most efficient production methods survive. Because outsourcing reduces costs and maintains – even increases – quality, more and more firms with this eye toward the future are turning to it. It doesn’t make sense to stay stuck in the past.


Projects Delivered

Developers Contracted

Programming Hours Delivered


“Elinkcat advised us and managed our technological growth by providing the solutions needed for each phase of the project, from definition to delivery.”

Eduard Martinez

Digital Director
Group Global GSA

“Thanks to Elinkcat we have expanded our provider network and increased the effectiveness and quality of outsourced development in our company.”

Alex Rodriguez

IT Director

“With Elinkcat we scaled up our development team. Now we are tailoring our development to our business plan and not vice versa.”

Rafael Jimenez


“Elinkcat gives great importance to understanding the customer’s expectations and adapting the team to what we really need.?

Pedro Pitarch

Director Special Projects




Fully upgraded reservation system for a prominent airline company


Project for an important telecom company.


E-commerce website and backoffice application? implementation


The founders, Oscar and Wojtek, launched Elinkcat in 2009. Both have long-standing experience in managing computer projects and in outsourcing from different parts of the world. They noticed that numerous development outsourcing projects were below expectations. Because?

The idea may seem simple, but they realized that in order to be an effective bridge between suppliers and customers, the needs and expectations of both parties need to be well understood, managed and translated. Only then can high quality software be delivered within the budget, goals and time required.

With years of experience and knowledge of the industry, we have established a solid foundation of best practice for the business. We focus on your needs, integrating the best developers from Central Europe into your project, and providing constant, efficient communication, management and flexibility throughout the project stages to adapt to the various project situations.

Now, years later, Elinkcat has grown and we continue to serve our customers on the same premise, effective communication is the basis of collaboration.

We have a large portfolio of loyal and satisfied customers and we are proud of the fact that a significant part of our business is word of mouth, for us the best presentation.

?scar Junyent


Wojtek Szczupak




Team Expansion

  • We analyze the needs of the client
  • We define the required profiles
  • We search for the best candidates for the positions
  • We interview candidates beforehand
  • We organize a joint interview with the client
  • We manage contracts and NDAs between companies
  • We prepare and deliver the equipment in less than 3 weeks


  • We work with the best development companies in Poland
  • We can offer multidisciplinary teams in almost all technology stacks
  • We have expert profiles in design, business analysis, technical architecture, and more.
  • We can manage the project as PMO, technical management support or account management

Local Presence

  • Offices in Barcelona and Wroc?aw (Poland)
  • All of our teams include a Remote Project Manager and a Local Account Manager
  • Local presence in both the client’s offices and those of our suppliers
  • Local and cultural awareness of both parties


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