Junior Project Managers assists in the management of multiple projects while providing project management advice to companies and organizations. They will help to define and coordinate projects, schedules, track the progress of projects and report their results In order to assist with project management, a Junior Project Manager will perform many different tasks:

Assist Senior Project Manager

The Junior Project Manager’s central duty is to assist the Senior Project Manager in tasks like maintaining contact with clients and parties involved through email and phone calls, answer questions and concerns, prepare presentations, and enter project data.

Create Project Plans and definitions
He or she will develop concrete, detailed plans for a project, including the schedule, the budget, outlining the duties of each team member, identifying project goals, generating high level requirement documents, and setting a timeline for the project. They collaborate with various teams and providers and hold meetings to develop project plans and present them to upper-level management before starting the project.

Monitor Project Progress
It is important that the Junior Project Manager closely monitors each project he or she manages to ensure that projects remain on track, meet deadlines, stay under budget, and develop according to plan. They’re responsible not only for identifying project objectives, but ensuring that they’re met.

Report Project Results
Once a project is complete, the Junior Project Manager, in conjunction with the Senior Project Manager, is responsible for gathering and documenting all project results and then reporting or presenting them to the appropriate parties. This usually includes clients and upper-level management. They should report on the success of the project and any setbacks that were encountered or room for improvement

Junior Project Manager Skills
Junior Project Managers should be detail-oriented multi-tasker. Also will be appreciated for great communication skills and be able to easily adapt to changing circumstances.

Core skills:
* Having project management experience in web and ecommerce projects
* Knowing project management methodology
* Demonstrating proficiency in Google Workspace
* English and Spanish proficiency at business level
* Work based on sales objectives

Advanced skills:
* Experience with specific project management methodologies such as Scrum and Agile
* Project Management Professional Certification or MBA
Experience in JIRA (or similar) as advanced user or event administration
Sales Skills

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