Case Study:? Sports and Event Ticketing?

E-commerce web multisite with backoffice

Business Need

The client was looking for a platform to sell sporting and event tickets in different ways. They wanted unique, customizable websites with dedicated content and simple navigation. The main goal was to have one e-commerce flagship brand that was very strong in terms of products and content, and to use this branding effort to spin off medium and small sites that focused on specialized products but without any issue of duplicated content.

Also their current platform had been showing very poor performance in terms of load speed, usability, content management and product upload, so a decision was taken to build an entire application from scratch. This involved creating a new backend to manage product, content and links to an ERP sales management system as well as to a dynamic and flexible e-commerce system that created different websites for selling those products.?

Elinkcat was able to provide the business analysis that helped the client define the functional part of the entire application. Based upon this functional definition, the provider provided a remote team of backend and front-end developers along with a project manager to control project and manage communication.


The client wanted to create a completely new application, Elinkcat dedicated a broad effort from project startup to analyze, define and improve all internal company processes for product creation and management and also to control sales and payments.
After completion of those initial tasks, Elinkcat was able to generate detailed business and functional requirement documentation to share with the provider and establish a common, agreed-upon technological approach, that determined the technology necessary to accomplish goals in the simplest, most effective way.
The provider developed a comprehensive, complex system that makes managing the product data entry quick and easy. They also synchronized an API with two of the most important worldwide ticket providers in order to offer more products and open availability for foreign events.
The new system dedicates a lot of effort on URL creation and management, allowing the client’s marketing department to create SEO-strong sites and achieve better results on marketing campaigns.


Project Details


Tailor-made platform to manage product, content and sales. Application also allows non-technical departments to easily manage SEO parts and create new e-commerce sites with different brands and domains in only a few minutes.


PHP, MongoDB, Ingenio sales, MySQL , Jenkins, Bootstrap, RabbitMQ


2 Frontend developers, 2 Backend Teams (4 developers), 1 Test developer. One local team in Spain and one remote team in Poland.

Business Benefits

The decision to use this new platform required a large effort but resulted in a product that allowed the client to distribute their products in a significantly more customized way, to reach new, untapped markets, and to manage their products more efficiently.
Data entry was easy and quick, and integration and synchronization with major ticket distribution allowed the client to increase their product offering and increase sales by 25%.
SEO performance also increased profit, due to better URL creation and management, reduced content duplication, and increased product availability on search engines. All marketing campaigns now achieve better success at a lower cost.

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