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First integration with

Navitaire?s flight

reservation system? ?dotRez

– Business Needs

The Client was looking to diversify their team of developers in order to better innovate their existing platforms. They wanted to improve their website and expand onto the mobile market in a big way ? they needed to create two entirely new applications for iOS and Android as well as a brand new website to meet their goals.

Most importantly, they had to adapt to the changing reality resulting from changes in their integration with the third party company Navitaire, who is responsible for the ticket reservation system they had previously been using.

The Client, like all of the other airlines, does not have their own ticket reservation system and, until recently, they had used Navitaire?s SkySales system to deliver this functionality to their customers. Navitaire, however, decided to introduce a new, more advanced integration method, causing the Client to have to adapt to the changing circumstances. That?s when the Client decided they would implement the dotREZ REST API.

In light of these necessary backend changes, the Client also decided they would almost entirely redesign the backend and frontend of their website and well as create two new mobile applications.

The provider was able to provide backend, frontend, and mobile teams consisting of 28 developers in total, who are currently working on all of the Client?s new platform projects.


The Client already had a platform, which was constantly being improved and developed. The PGS Software team joined the Client?s existing team and was tasked with helping lead the overall IT innovation process taking place at the company.

At first, only a couple of PGS Software?s developers came on board. However, the team quickly grew to over two dozen professionals and PGS Software became one of two main extended teams the Client currently works with. They developed a variety of functionalities in over 100 of the Client?s projects (e.g. the customer loyalty membership programme).

Most importantly, however, PGS Software helped the Client make the switch from Navitaire?s SkySales system to the pioneering dotREZ REST API framework integration model. The PGS Software team was tasked with creating a dedicated API for the client applications (web and mobile). The backend developers chose to use Amazon API Gateway to develop the custom API, which allowed them to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure it at any scale. The API designed by PGS Software seamlessly integrates with the dotREZ REST API and is perfectly suited to the frontend applications developed by the team.

Additionally, PGS Software was responsible for creating the Client?s brand new, completely redesigned website, which they developed following the latest responsive web design best practices. The Client also wanted to enter the mobile market with aesthetic and user-friendly mobile applications for both iOS and Android. The PGS Software mobile team decided to use industry-leading and innovative Xamarin tools to develop the entirely new, native iOS and Android apps simultaneously.


Project Details


REST API, AWS Gateway, Swagger, dotRez API framework, Dependency Injection, Unit/Integration Tests, ContinuousIntegration, Code metrics, Github, MyGet, Salesforce, Facebook, Paypal, Adyen.


.NET Core 2.0 (1.1), .NET Xamarin.Forms (Android, iOS), Angular JS, Angular 4, Selenium, ASP.NET Core, Swashbuckle Swagger, OpenCover, NUnit, Moq, FluentAssertions, AutoFac, AutoFixture, AutoMapper, FluentValidation, SSIS, WebServices, SkySales, Quartz


VisualStudio, Resharper, Jenkins, GIT, Visual Studio Code Docker, SQL Management Studio, NuGet Package Explorer, Splunk, Selenium, TeamCity, Calabash, Postman, RESTassure, Bitbucket, JetBrains Rider, Vs4Mac (visual studio for mac), MacinCloud, Hockey App


6 Xamarin developers, 6 Frontend developers, 4 Backend Teams (15 developers), 1 Test developer

Business Benefits

The decision to use the dotREZ REST API framework has made the Client a pioneer in the airline industry as they are the first airline working with Navitaire to implement this type of integration model.

The Client is the first of over one hundred airlines working with Navitaire to use the dotREZ REST API. For most of the other airlines cooperating with Navitaire, this framework still remains uncharted territory.

The dotREZ REST API framework integration model generates many business benefits. Not only does using this model make the application easier to maintain; it also ensures that it is fast, scalable, and future-proof. Integrating the application with the dotREZ REST API framework has made its maintenance and expansion significantly less expensive, easier, and faster.

Switching to the dotREZ REST API framework is set to become standard procedure. And PGS Software?s work on this project will serve as an example of best practice when the remaining airlines start coming on board.

PGS Software was also able to increase the Client?s business benefits thanks to their expansive frontend and backend development contribution ? specifically, through creating the new website and two native cross-platform mobile applications.

The Client is now able to enter the mobile market with two brand-new native mobile applications for both iOS and Android. PGS Software?s decision to use Xamarin?s innovative cross-platform development software greatly simplified the production of the mobile applications and allowed the developers to seamlessly share code across the two platforms. This rendered application maintenance easier and much more cost-effective.

Another of the Client?s key business objectives was ensuring that the mobile applications make a great first impression on end users. The PGS Software graphic design team ensured that the application interfaces are eye-catching, aesthetic, and user-friendly ? decidedly increasing customer satisfaction.

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