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Business Need

Team: Our customer was looking to supplement its team with an extension of outsourced staff with very high skills. Because recruitment, orientation, and training are expensive and time consuming processes, the telecom company decided to outsource their professional IT resources for the first time in their history. This was two years ago, and still today they remain highly satisfied. Our first team member established the project scope; the technology and current team was set up within a few days; and since then extended team has been growing with the demand. Currently we are operating with several customer teams at different levels with interfaces like IT, devops, cloud, development, product owners and specific project team members.

Project:??This first project was dedicated to end customers, based on a massive file download from FTP servers defined by end users.??Our team was the primary contributor? to the new project, and when completed the deliverables were integrated into the customer?s huge telecom ecosystem. ?Due to its success, numerous projects have since followed. The second project was a ?security enhancement? type ? OAuth implementation. Another similar one was to design, create and implement a microservices architecture for a part of this ecosystem of services. Right now we are participating in the seventh project, this one related to speech-to-text translations, recording analysis, and automated phone bots using Artificial Intelligence.

Purpose:??All projects completed with our customer have been directly aligned to core business services for end users. All of them have provided something new, be it? a new service, new data monetization channel, new feature functionalities, or a new ?business growth opportunity? for the company, its resellers, sales and end customers.


Massive Recording Download

One of important needs that big?customers have is to be able to gather the call recordings in one easy manner. This system we developed provides such?functionality. The user can request the set of calls (based on the filters that are defined) and the calls are prepared? in 10GB? packs, and? delivered? in one of?many? formats and options.

Technologies: Java11, Spring Boot 2, AWS: S3, SQS, EC2, PostgreSQL, Jenkins

Voice Ordering System for Restaurants

The telephone call bot gives clients opportunity to book a table in restaurant. The system is integrated with a large network of restaurant systems and can book a table without any human interaction. For now it supports three languages, but its use of AWS dialogFlow makes it is possible to accommodate every supported language.

Technologies: AWS: S3, SQS, EC2, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, Spring Boot, Java, Microservices, Xml

Sesiad Traffic Analyzer

A system for fraud detection that analyzes the traffic in the internal?core system and triggers an alert? when an unexpected pattern is detected.? The system allows? the customer to tune? the?algorithm, to adjust the restrictiveness of the rules depending on the customers requirements.

Technologies: Spring Boot, AWS, Microservices, PostgreSQL, Algorithmics, Statistics, Machine Learning


Project Details


Projects on voice recording and , ordering systems and traffic analyzer


Java11, Spring Boot 2, AWS: S3, SQS, EC2, PostgreSQL, Jenkins,?Microservices, Xml,?Algorithmics, Statistics, Machine Learning


2 Frontend developers, 1 Backend team (3 developers), 1 Test developer

Business Benefits

The fastest release to market of numerous solutions allowing the client to stay ahead of its competitors and grow its leadership position in the market.

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