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Elinkcat is a global provider of outsourced development services
for the travel and e-commerce industries. Our company has the operational flexibility to provide software development services on a stand-alone basis or as part of an integrated “full service” solution.








areas of expertise

Our team of developers and testers has solid knowledge of the Navitaire system and its flagship product, the New Skies Reservation System. Not only are we happy to integrate the system into your business, but we’ll also share best practice tips to make sure your business reaches new heights.

Whether it’s a hotel chain, a boutique guesthouse or AirBnb – we’ve been there, done that. We know how complex hotel reservation systems can be; and we know how to make them simpler and more user-friendly.

We not only have vast experience in connecting to numerous GDSs and APIs, but also in defining and building programming interfaces especially for your business, allowing you to reach an even bigger number of clients.

E-commerce never sleeps. The internet vending machine is always on, and it’s always evolving. That’s why many of our clients have asked us to introduce Continuous Delivery services to their business, with impressive results.


We conceived the idea of Elinkcat in 2009. We already had vast experience in managing IT projects and in contracting external providers for travel companies, and we sensed there was something missing in the process. We saw that outsourcing didn’t always prove to be as cost effective as planned. Then it came to us: we understood that saving in outsourcing can only be achieved when you genuinely prioritise quality and when you constantly control it. Only with high quality comes great software delivered within budget, scope and on time. Now, years later, we are proud to have established processes that have allowed us to grow a portfolio of many satisfied, long-term clients.


Managing Director

Òscar Junyent

ojunyent@elink.cat Twitter Linkedin


Operations Manager

Wojtek Szczupak

wszczupak@elink.cat Twitter Linkedin